Lighters S.T. Dupont Paris

Lighters S.T. Dupont

The patrimony

Welcome to the story of a visionary company, now 147 years old, whose extraordinary know-how has given birth to objects of desire coveted by the elite. Exceptional materials valued for their quality, craftsmen celebrated as artists and an authentic history and heritage behind each creation.

1880 – Outstanding products

Personalized travel trunks, among others adorned with the initials of their owners, quickly become an essential accessory for the European elite. Among the first clients was Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie.

1929 – New York

S.T. Dupont joins Louis Cartier in New York where the Fifth Avenue boutique offers his travel items. Encountering an immediate success, they become on this new continent the reference of luxury travel accessories.

1934 – The trinket of the kings

With prestigious materials and impeccable know-how, S.T. Dupont builds a solid reputation as a manufacturer of luxury luggage, with excellent references. The Maison’s order book is filled with prestigious names, monarchs, great leaders, film legends and fashion icons, which make their motto of Lucien Dupont: “Make it even more beautiful.” Make it even more expensive. Make it even more innovative. ”

1947 – An iconic style

Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart asks S.T. Dupont artisans to create a light travel bag for his plane trips and weekends aboard his sailboat, the Santana.

1951 – The Duchess of Windsor

In 1951, workers at S.T. Dupont, a trusted supplier to the world’s elite, were asked to create a custom-made travel case for the Duchess of Windsor.

1962 – Works of art

Pablo Picasso chooses three of his S.T. Dupont lighters and engraves the lacquer – a Harlequin and a Pierrot for his son and his daughter-in-law and a fauna that he offers as a gift to a friend.

2004 – Pop Art at S.T. Dupont

The launch of the Andy Warhol limited edition in 2004 brought to life a series of lighters and writing instruments adorned with this pop art iconography that made the painter famous. The Marilyn Monroe lighter is a particularly fitting tribute since its favorite lighter would have been its Gold Line 2.

2011 – Styling and collaboration

In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld and S.T. Dupont began a collaboration that allowed the visionary stylist to develop several singular lines, putting his creative talent at the service of the know-how and heritage of the S.T. Dupont workshop.

2013 – Preserving rare techniques

In 2013, S.T. Dupont had the honor of receiving the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, a mark of recognition of the French State distinguishing its constant efforts to nurture and preserve the rare techniques and know-how of its master craftsmen.

CHF 7'800.00

1 lighter. Bronze, yellow gold finishes.

CHF 1'435.00

1 Lighter - Limited series rose gold.

CHF 2'400.00

Lighter - Limited Series 2008.

CHF 1'580.00

1 Lighter 2 in 1, natural lacquer, yellow gold.

CHF 2'545.00

1 lighter. Gold plated, taupe and chocolate lacquer.

CHF 2'900.00

Lighter - Limited Series 1997.