Diplomaticos Cigars

The brand’s vitolas are known for their similarities with those of the Montecristo, particularly in terms of the aromatic panel marked by a nutty taste. These similarities are logical: from their launch, the Diplomaticos are presented as the cheaper, affordable version of Montecristo puros. In particular, each Montecristo cigar is matched by a Diplomaticos cigar. It is therefore no great surprise that the same calibres (modules) can be found in both brands, but with the difference that those of Diplomaticos are offered at slightly lower prices.

Some specificities
Diplomaticos cigars are entirely hand-rolled in the Jose Marti factory, as are some Montecristo cigars. In addition, all the cigars in his catalogue are long-tripe. The tobacco leaves come exclusively from the plantations of the Vuelta Abajo, both those used in the composition of the tripe and those used for the binder and wrapper. The tobacco is pleasant to smoke and each puff produces a thick smoke. Generally speaking, these vitolas display a force ranging from a medium degree to a strong degree. However, the blend of tobaccos used is specially studied so that the Diplomaticos cigars are softer than those of Montecristo. The aim of this decision is to adapt the brand’s cigars to the taste of French smokers. They are suitable for beginner smokers even if at the same time connoisseurs appreciate them.


CHF 407.50

Le Diplomaticos No. 2 est un joli Figurado enrobé dans sa cape sombre, il livre à cru des notes de café et de noisette.