Quai D’Orsay Cigars

Year of foundation: 1970
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: Romeo y Julieta

Named for the famous bridge in Paris, this brand is one of two (the other is Siboney) which are devoted to the interests of a specific national tobacco governing body, in this case, the national tobacco monopoly of France, the SEITA (La Societe Nationale d’Exploitation Industriel de Tabac et Allumettes).
Created in 1970, this is a lighter-bodied cigar and the range is all handmade.

FROM 10.02.2021
CHF 850.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 155.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 318.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 127.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 388.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 355.00

Quai d'Orsay Coronas Claro SBN (25)


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