Quintero Cigars


Year of foundation: 1920
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: El Rey del Mundo

Augustin Quintero and his brothers got their start in tobacco in their hometown of Cienfuegos in the Las Villas province of Cuba in the 1920’s. In 1940, they created this full-flavoured brand which continues today, primarily in machine-bunched/hand-finished and all machine-made sizes.

Very popular on the Spanish market.
A popular brand that has remained unchanged in flavor. Earthy flavors, with strong tobacco power. Strong notes of ‘grassy’ flavors come and go giving and edginess to the smoke.

Cuban Cigars

Quintero Brevas (25)

CHF 75.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 72.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 14.00

Quintero Favoritos (5)

CHF 64.00

Quintero Londres Extra (25)

CHF 78.00

Quintero Nacionales (25)

CHF 56.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 45.00

Quintero Petit Quintero (25)