San Cristobal Cigars

Year of foundation: 1999
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: La Corona

The latest and probably the last of the new series of Havana brands launced since 1996 has been given the original name of the city of Havana when it was founded by settlers back in 1519.
San Cristóbal (St. Christopher) de La Habana.
The brand boasts three sizes, each of which is named after one of the fronts that defended the city in its heyday, as the hub of the Spanish empire in Latin America.
Two of the sizes, La Fuerza and El Morro, are entirely new and are unique to the San Cristóbal brand.

CHF 150.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 165.00

San Cristobal El Principe (25)

CHF 300.00

San Cristobal La Fuerza (25)

CHF 291.00

San Cristobal La Punta (25)

CHF 1'050.00

San Cristobal Torreón Jar (25)