Trinidad Cigars

Year of foundation: 1969
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: El Laguito

Since the 70’s, the Trinidad Fundadores has been produced exclusively for Fidel Castro. The only boxes that left Cuba were gifts to foreign diplomats. In fact, it took over Cohiba’s position at the moment that brand was commercialised.
On February of 1998, the brand was officially launched as an export product in Trinidad, Cuba.
The cigars were first made available in Canada and Mexico in April 1998, and later became available to the world market. This line featured only one size, the Fundadores, which means Founder. It is similar in size to the Cohiba Lancero, exept measuring a ring guage thicker, 40 and a length of 7 and 3/4 inches or 195 mm. 
Named after one of Cuba’s most beautiful cities, Trinidad is packaged in an ‘unusual’ quantity of 24 or 12 cigars.

Trinidad is a current brand, established post-Revolution in 1969, and was commercially launched in 1997.
It classified by Habanos SA as a niche brand and has a significant market share.

The range comprises medium strength cigars, using tobacco from the best areas of the premium Vuelta Abajo region.
It is not related to a pre-revolution Trinidad brand discontinued in 1958.

Current production consists of four handmade cigars.
Special Releases commenced in 1998 with the release of the Cajón of 75.
Trinidad cigars were included in the 1999 release of the Siglo XXI Humidor.

Trinidad was named after the 16th Century city of La Santísima Trinidad (The Holy Trinity). 

CHF 89.00

Trinidad Coloniales (5)

CHF 292.00

Trinidad Coloniales SBN (24)

CHF 282.00

Box of 12 cigars.

CHF 563.00

Box of 24 cigars.

CHF 315.00

Box of 12 cigars.

CHF 225.00

Box of 12 cigars.

Cuban Cigars

Trinidad Reyes (5)

CHF 56.00

Petit Corona corsé et poivré excellente combustion et bon equilibre

CHF 110.00

Petit Corona corsé et poivré excellente combustion et bon equilibre

CHF 220.00

Petit Corona corsé et poivré excellente combustion et bon équilibre.

CHF 181.00 CHF 125.00

10 box of 10 cigars = 100 cigars.

CHF 300.00

Box of 12 cigars.

CHF 42.00

Petit Robusto puissance moyenne mielleux note de cacao

CHF 170.00

Box of 12 cigars.