Balmoral Cigars

Balmoral Royal Selection Cigars are an assortment of handmade long tripe cigars, manufactured in the Dominican Republic. These cigars are well balanced, have good combustion and present a round and supple aromatic palette.

The master mixers have carefully selected all of the tobaccos that make up this range. The tobaccos used are 2 to 3 years old and still rest at least 6 months after manufacture, resulting in a harmonious and balanced mixture. For the cape, it is a “connecticut” variety which has grown in Ecuador (however selected on light colors to limit the power) or a Brazilian cape for the “Maduro” range. The sublayer is Dominican Olor variety; and finally, the tripe, composed of Dominican tobacco Olor, Piloto Cubano (Cuban seeds grown in Santo Domingo) and a leaf of the best quality of Brazilian Mata Fina grows in the state of Bahia.

For smokers looking for a light taste and very sweet prices, the company Balmoral had the excellent idea of ​​offering a selection of small mechanical cigars with the same selection of tobacco: The “Balmoral Dominican Selection”. Superb alternative to classic Sumatras. They are offered in different packaging ranging from “for the pocket” to the box of 50 pieces. Like the “Royal Selection”, they are covered with a Connecticut cape from Ecuador and a Dominican Olor undercoat, allowing cigarillos smokers to discover another “terroir” for mechanical cigars: Dominican Republic.