Buena Vista Dark Fired Kentucky Cigars

Buena Vista Dark Fired Kentucky – even the name tastes great. A tobacco created from a centuries-old tradition, perfected by Kentucky farmers. In a special wood-fired curing process, the tobacco is hung in barns over smoking oak and hickory wood. Each leaf is then able to absorb the unique, roasted and smoked flavours that make this type of tobacco so exceptional. Buena Vista Dark Fired Kentucky has an incredibly different tobacco composition.

The pure blue of an endless sky and tobacco fields as far as the eye can see. With isolated wooden barns scattered here and there across the landscape. This is Kentucky. The origin and home of a particularly unique type of tobacco. A type of tobacco that can only be found here. Even the name ‘tastes’ exceptional: Dark Fired Kentucky.

A type of tobacco that is based on a centuries-old tradition and perfected by the farmers of Kentucky. The mature tobacco is only harvested once the plant has begun to show its first golden yellow tones. The leaves are then left to dry in the Kentucky air until they glow a deep golden yellow colour. The tobacco acquires its unique smoke flavour after a second special curing process: heat curing. In this process, the tobacco is suspended over smoking oak and hickory wood, allowing it to absorb leaf by leaf the unique, roasted, smoky flavours that make it so exceptional.

The result is a tobacco that is sure to impress. A tobacco for the moment that is perfect and ‘exciting’. Beautifully blended with other tobaccos to create a slightly earthy, medium-bodied cigar with exciting smoke flavours and a hint of toasted pecan. Made into a truly different cigar with the hand, heart and soul of seasoned cigar rollers. Buena Vista Dark Fired Kentucky. A hand-rolled revelation for the true connoisseur.