La Casa Del Habano

Premium Cigars tobacco,  selected, cured, blended, exclusively for the Casa del Habano stores around the world.  Very hard to find, rare and exclusiv.

Cigars aficionados and connoisseur around the world buy and store those exquisit cigars for long term aging.

These cigars and special release humidors are crafted in Cuba and sold exclusively at the 145 La Casa del Habano across the earth. These Puros stand for the best this country has to offer and deliver an unequalled smoking experience.

CHF 750.00

Boîte de 12 cigares.

2 boxes maximum per order
CHF 400.00

box of 10 cigars.

CHF 440.00

Box of 25 cigars.

CHF 320.00

Partagas Salomones (10)

CHF 125.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 150.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 550.00

Box of 25 cigars.

Cuban Cigars

Punch 48 LCDH (10)

CHF 169.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 165.00

Box of 10 cigars.

CHF 350.00

Box of 10 cigars.