Undercrown 10 Cigars

The Undercrown 10 celebrates the tenth anniversary of a brand of cigars that was developed not by a master blender, but by the hard-working Drew Estate rollers.
The Undercrown, a popular cigar, was born when the Drew Estate rollers were asked not to smoke as much Liga Privada in the factory. In response to this request, the rollers created their own blend using the same rare tobaccos used for the Liga Privada, but from different primers and vintages. Thus, a superb cigar was born in the factory, literally.
The Undercrown 10 is a powerful, full-bodied cigar with a very tasty and oily San Andres Mexican wrapper expertly wrapped around a Connecticut Broadleaf sub-wrapper from the US and Nicaraguan tripe. This anniversary stick is “All Dekked Out” with a special ribbon, ring and foot band, and is packaged in a commemorative collectible box. Celebrate “A Decade of Dedication” with the Undercrown 10.

CHF 300.00

Box of 20 cigars.