Cigares Perdomo Edicion De Silvio Natural Cigars

The Edicion De Silvio de Perdomo was created in honour of Nick Perdomo’s grandfather, Silvio Perdomo, who marks the production of “premium” cigars at Tabacalera Perdomo in Estelí, Nicaragua. All Seco, Viso and Ligero long-filler tobaccos from Cuban seeds are used for this special series and come from Nicaraguan harvests from and before 1997, they are fermented exclusively for Perdomo Edicion de Silvio in special boxes made of Spanish cedar wood with the perfection and meticulousness typical of Perdomo. These tobaccos are then matured for a long time in vintage oak barrels, which gives the Edicion de Silvio cigars an incredibly smooth and fully aromatic flavour.

The cigars themselves are made by only five selected and therefore most experienced cigar rollers at Tabacalera Perdomo in a masterful handcrafted tradition and are limited to a maximum of 50,000 cigars per year. The exact blend is a family secret (Liga Secreta), which is reproduced in coded form on the inside cover. Edicion de Silvio cigars are available with a thin Sun Grown Natural wrapper. Each box is specially numbered. The signature of the factory manager, Manuel Rivera, on the label of the outer cover further confirms that each of these noble boxes has been subjected to a separate quality control to ensure perfect appearance and exceptional quality.

The Salomon is offered with a wooden inner box, sealed with wax.

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

CHF 165.00

Box of 5 cigars.